Distilling Success.

Experimentis with a vapouriser. from The Foundry on Vimeo.

We did some experimenting with our new toy yesterday, the vapouriser. It vibrates a small ceramic disc at ultrasonic frequencies to produces a fine gaseous mist of whatever liquid it happens to be in. In this case, the liquid content of the Mint fridge at the time:


OJ (with bits)


Coke Zero

Bath Oil (don’t ask)


A true agency selection.

It seemed the more viscous liquids produced better mists. Coke Zero and tea both created large volumes of delectable mists that quickly disappeared into the ether if not shot to the back of the throat with a rolled up post it note (we were lacking in straws).

OJ, unluckily didn’t work and we thought this maybe down to the thicker, bittier nature of the liquid. The real disappointment was the beer, we were all very excited about the prospect of a beer mist, and even after getting the beer flat enough for the mist to escape the surface tension, it still didn’t quite cut it.

Both bath Oil and Gin however, produced a beautiful, thick and aromatic mist. The gin would have benefited greatly from a slice of lime and some vapourised tonic but I guess that’s one for the next Mint office party.

The feedback received from prolonged office use of ‘The Smell of Success' was that it acted as a visual and auditory notifier, rather than an olfactory one. In essence, you see and hear that you've received a re-tweet  before you have smelt it. We wanted to get rid of this for V2.0.

The mist evaporates extremely quickly in a vapouriser, but emits the molecules that trigger smell into the air very rapidly. It is also completely silent. Thus, hopefully we will be able to produce more subtle, ephemeral notifications without it being a visual or audible distraction.

We’ll let you know it goes. If you don’t smell it first.

Posted on: Sep 8, 2011 at 6:10 PM

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